An expert always doubts his/her approach.

    09.22.20 09:43 AM Comment(s) By Srinivas

    An Expert Always Doubts His/Her Approach.

    An expert always doubts his/her approach and believes that at least fifty percent of their ideas will be wrong so they always engage and look at the context and keep learning new ideas and concepts. So if you find anyone throwing their ideas down the throat of yours without listening then you can call them out.

    You tend in a direction to become an expert through never ending learning journey, and that learning happens through education, training, and experience. All the three must be present at the same time for the effectiveness of learning to manifest and to become an expert in your field of interest. Ironically, when you develop expertise in your area of interest, you tend to believe that fifty of the percent of time, at least, you will be wrong!

    Why references or case studies might not help you to understand deeper concepts?

    First you need to believe from your own experience and learn from your own experience by keeping yourself open to all signals. Rarely closed minds learn from their own experience as they lose opportunities to see all possibilities. When you don’t see or feel from your own experience, no reference or case studies would help.

    There is a deeper meaning when you approach anything or any part of your journey from that perspective.

    For example, if a expert medical doctor approach from this perspective then that doctor will be 100% successful. When you take a step back you would see clearly that a quite number mistakes committed by doctors when doing surgery.

    Learn from your own experience first and then get seconded that by others experience.

    As I mentioned earlier learning happens through education, training, and experience. How would you like to educate yourself is upon you. To get educated some prefer listening to experts, some others use some other channels like reading books, watching videos/podcast, etc. Ultimately you will need to experience those new learning. For example, no amount of references to Jazz music or any music or any sport or anything in the world won’t help you to understand it and no amount of references will help unless you feel that through your own experience. How do you feel when you hear new ideas? You may connect those to your own previous experiences…

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