TameFlow© - How Would You Like to Tame The Flow of Value?

    What is TameFlow©?

    “The TameFlow Approach is primarily about mindsets, attitudes and Mental Models that support decision making at all levels in the organization. The “magic” of the TameFlow Approach is that it renders all decisions coherent, consistent and aligned toward one direction; thus eliminating conflicts, and instead focusing effort and energy toward what really matters. The TameFlow Approach is primarily a way of thinking! “ Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron.

    With the TameFlow approach you will have a way to perfectly exploit leverage points to     handle complexity in the VUCA world. Any complex scenario can be handled in a better way if you place

    yourself in a position to identify leverage points which could help to TameFlow the various flows in the dynamically changing environment.  The TameFlow approach gives insights, methods, and tools to tame

    four different flows:  1) Operations, 2) Financial , 3) Information, and 4) Psychological .

    TameFlow the Operations Flow

    Execution of any strategic initiative is and will always be challenge and it would be like tending frogs

    in a balance and measuring the weight of frogs. Although artificial time boxes like iterations, sprints, PI Planning, etc. might be more effective than the traditional way of planning that could span over a year or more, these times boxes could still hamper the flow of value creation and flow of value to your end customers if the intent of time of the boxes are not clear and you would waste lot of time through meetings that won't add any value to your needs.

    Would be able to find any better alternatives than artificial time boxes to the tame the flow of value?  Please explore this website for several insights and the TameFlow community page for insightful articles and podcasts as well.

    What would be state of your execution when you could design your operations (development

    processes, as well) in such a way to remove all artificial time boxes?  Wouldn't you be surprised to witness the improvement in the speed of execution multiple times? Won't you aspire to have such a state of execution? Learn more about on what kinds of insights that we could provide based on your contextual situation to improve the flow of operations, as well as for the flow of product development processes.

    "The Operational Flow is the conventional “workflow” that determines how work moves through the organization. Raw materials are transformed into finished goods. Services are delivered through a succession of steps. Operational flow is measured by means of operational throughput ­ i.e. the rate at which goods or services are delivered to the market. TameFlow will produce substantial improvements in a company’s operational flow, by increasing flow efficiency, reducing flow times and increasing throughput, simply because all the “players” will have a shared understanding of the game and will all be playing according to the same rules. "- Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron, Authors of Tame your Work Flow.

    TameFlow the Financial Flow with Throughput Accounting

    "TameFlow will train managers to think in terms of Financial Throughput , and give them new insights which will radically reshape their strategies for making money. By focusing on the rate of value generation, rather than on cost savings or on the magnitude of profit alone, the organization’s financial performance will increase significantly. "

    "Financial Flow : How much wealth are we creating? Financial Flow is what determines how money is generated by the organization. "

    "Financial Flow is measured in terms of Financial Throughput . Financial Throughput : the rate (or “speed”) at which an organization turns its products or services into profit (or other units of value). "
    -Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron, Authors of Tame your Work Flow.

    TameFlow the Flow of Information

    Knowing the right information, developing shared understanding, aligning at all levels is always a challenge. Information scatter is most common problem in all organizational systems. How would you like to handle this challenge of scatter of information?

    "TameFlow will improve Informational Flow by establishing effective Patterns of Communication and Interaction as well as refining the organization’s effective design and structure to better support the flow of critical information. The effectiveness of Informational Flow is determined by the right information reaching the right people at the right time. - Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron. Authors of Tame your Work Flow

    TameFlow the Flow of Psychological Flow

    The Agility Mind believes that eighty percent or more of all challenges in any social organizations stems from not understanding human nature and psychology of people and also not designing right structures to minimize those challenges. Thinking of popular terms like psychological safety will only become another amateur wish list if you don't have capabilities to visualize and design the structures that are necessary in your development and operational processes and most of those structure don't reside in RACI or traditional organizational structures.

    By partnering with TameFlow Consulting Limited, The Agility Mind has developed enough capabilities to design, visualize structures that are needed to ensure Psychological flow that will create value in your development processes and that will design the flow of value in your operations.

    We will use several models to design right structure that will help provide a psychological flow in your teams and organizations. 

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