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    Engaged Sustainable Design for A Transformational Journey

    Would you prefer a sustainable transformational journey for your teams and organization that would enable you to shape/reshape over time or a journey based on business jargon that has no foundational thinking and will regress in no time when the effort required to keep that buzzword-filled transformation journey ends? 

    Real agility never comes from any single model, methodology, or idea but through a multitude of ideas in a given context. Agility exists only in the mind, not in any manifesto. When we talk about Agile and, therefore, agility, we will be putting the cart before the horse.

    How would you like to design your organization for a sustainable transformational journey? Please take note of the word transformational, not transformation, and what would you need to do to manifest a real transformational journey? Just like you make an effort to design a great product or service, you will need to make a similar effort to create your organizational social system. However, the biggest challenge you would encounter is putting together and aligning each human mind whose purpose and vision are different from the team or organization's purpose and vision. 

    Leadership and Management are two sides of the same coin. As some framework vendors propagate, there are no chickens and pigs in any organizational system. In the following section, explore the concepts of leadership and Management further.

    Leadership and Management are The Two sides of The Same Coin

    Leadership and Management are two sides of the same coin. When we separate them, everything in the organizational system falls apart! Being aware of these two sides of the same coin is the first step towards real agility.

    Leadership should exist and is required at all levels. Management is about discipline, maintaining processes, continually improving those processes, etc., and It must also exist at all levels, even at the senior executive level.

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