Agile is Dead for all Practical Purposes.Why?

    07.23.20 09:42 PM Comment(s) By Srinivas

    Agile is Dead for all Practical Purposes.Why?
    Real attributes of agile comes from multitude of ideas

    For all practical purposes the Agile that is going on now is dead and what we see is a spinning wheel that gives life to a dead entity - a merry-go-round wheel that displays colorful lights called certifications and creates melodious sounds through buzz words; this creates a very attractive force for unsuspecting novices in the corporate world.

    You are fooled as well as corporate world. If you want to be a coach to help teams and organizations, be on learning path by yourself everyday and develop a holistic thinking. The Agile is one of the many carts. Know the key driving force that can bring agility to teams and organizations.

    Being agile means being aware and being contextual to dynamically changing contexts, nothing else, and everything else are tools and carts to make your teams and organizations to show attributes of agile and to bring real agility. Agility is in the mind, not in any manifesto, and all manifestos are carts!

    Being aware is the first step to show attributes of agile.



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