Services for Enterprise level transformation for IT Organizations to Agile Methodologies and DevOps

We have to remember that what we observe is not nature in itself but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” – Werner Heisenberg

The Agility Mind will use concepts from Agile models, several other management models, psychology and human behavior models to tailor the process needed to bring real Agility to your IT organizations.

Our services will focus on People, Process and Technology.  

Some challenges related to Process and Practices:

Our services in developing right processes and practices will address some of the following:

    • Our expertise will help your team to explore “the depth” of the principles and philosophy needed to bring real agility. 
    • Our services will challenge your team to identify the preparations that are necessary to condition “the ground” i.e. your organizational environment, before you can plan to bring in Agile practices to your organizations.
    • Tailoring the process that will fit to your environment using popular best practices of SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean Principles, DevOps, and in combination with several other management models.
    • How can you develop continuous flow model, and sustain this flow with the changing business needs?  In the knowledge industry ‘bottlenecks’ dynamically changes its position all the time. How can you handle this dynamically changing bottlenecks.

Some challenges related to Metrics:

Having the right metrics is always a challenge to many organizations. People will always fill into metrics whatever we had planned to measure.

Some of the subject areas that we will help to develop are the following.

    • How would you like to address the challenge in defining the right metrics to measure?
    • We explore right metrics that will reinforce the positive attitude at all levels of the organization and development teams. This will help put you on a path to continuous improvement and increase productivity as maturity level rises.

According to quantum physics, we will change the world when we try to measure it. We need to be aware of what we try to measure.

Some challenges related to developing skilled Employees:

How can you develop skilled people that are necessary for the agility? Having skilled, willing and capable people will help get to real state of agility. Otherwise, the innovation that is needed for the long-term survival of the organization will suffer. 

Our services will address these challenges. Our experienced and well trained coaches, mentors, organizational behavioral experts, and thought leaders in management will address some of these challenges to sustain the innovation.

In the knowledge industry, the quantum of difference in productivity of an average and a highly skilled employee could be very great. In some studies, this difference in productivity reached several scores over an average worker. How can your organization culture support this leap in productivity?