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This following attempts to describes some of the key challenges that many IT organizations are facing today in adapting Agile practices. The challenges described here are specific to the maturity levels and goals of organizations. So some of the challenges discussed here might not be apply to your organization. The following covers most common concepts and principles involved in adapting any new methods or practices. Please bear in mind that any concepts and principles are a map to describe the reality. A map is NOT a territory!

The following does not describe in detail “Why” Agile and “What is” Agile, as there is already a lot of information generated on this subject. 

The Agility Mind is founded with core vision to provide a niche to your organizations in bringing in real agility, not just a set of Agile methodologies, by fusing together Agile process, people, tools and technology.


Some definitions. This paper differentiate the word ‘Agile’ (Capital ‘A’) and agile (small ‘a’). The ‘Agile’ refer to all frameworks and methodologies that follow Agile Manifesto and Principles. The ‘agile’ refers simply to standard English dictionary meaning i.e. ‘quick and well-coordinated in movement’. 

Some of the Challenges in Adapting the Agile Methodologies

According to 10th Annual report on the State-of the-Agile report of Versionone, Some of the key barriers in adapting the Agile Methodologies are as follows:

  1. Company Culture,
  2. Ability to Change
  3. General Resistance to Change, and 
  4. Management Support
  5. Availability of personnel with necessary Agile experience. 

How can you address those challenges? A couple of metaphors might help us to understand the depth of the challenges.

One metaphor that will explain this dilemma is comparing it to an ‘iceberg’; to understand the depth of the iceberg you will need to go deeper into the water. A similar thought process of understanding the real depth need to be applied when you are bringing in new best practices from outside of your organization. 

Another metaphor that you can think of is the following. You may be familiar with Japanese word 'Nemawashi' that is popular in Japanese management thought process and practice, it is referred to the preparations that are necessary for transplanting a large tree. We will need to do similar due diligence and preparation that are necessary when bringing in any new practices from outside.  

Before we bring in anything that is new, first we will need to understand its 'depth' and, second we will need to prepare the ‘ground’ in your environment so that new methods or best practices will fit into your environment.

The Agility Mind is the only organization who can work with you in helping your team to understand the ‘depth’ and to prepare the ‘ground’ that is necessary for bringing in real agility to your IT organization. 

How can you tailor the processes to fit to your environment? How can you develop ‘Product Owner’ who is the key lynchpin to the success of Agile methodologies? How can your team self-organize and self-motivate for the success of the transformation? What appropriate tools needed to bring in transparency that is badly needed in the organization? How can you handle the challenges that are common with the human nature? 

Every organization builds its own culture by default or by implicitly or explicitly by inculcating a certain values and principles. How your organization culture is evolving and maturing?

The Agility Mind with deep insights, skills and knowledge base in several management models, lean product development methods, lean principles, Agile principles, change management, continuous improvement methods will help your IT organization in bringing in real agility. We go way beyond the standard visible practices of Agile, and help your team to understand philosophies, principles needed to help work productively and also with the teams across your organization.

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