By: Srinivas | January 17, 2017

What mindset you will need to avoid key troubles in adopting Agile?

For many executives implementing the Agile ( alphabet soup of different methods/framework) has became the primary goal.

No Agile is panacea for the business problems. 

First understand the business purpose and what problems you would like solve. Tailor process that fit to your context and organization culture using the underlying concepts of the several tools that are available in Agile. If you like a fruit bearing tree in some environment then you won't just bring in and transplant in your backyard! 

You don't need to change the culture to fit to Agile mindset. Think that all Agile frameworks are only tools. Any culture change will evolve as the organization adopts and adapts to solve the ever changing business problems to achieve the underlying main business purpose. 

Discover your 'true north' of your business purpose, and identify the problem solving solving tools and continuous improvement process to achieve the 'true north' of your main business purpose.

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