The Agility PMOs - Services to adapt PMOs in the Agile world

Do we need PMOs when an organization adapts the Agile project management practices? Some champions in the world of the Agile practice erroneously profess to dispense with the PMOs. 

However, The Agility Mind believes that the role of PMO may be more important than ever before. Another role of PMO could be to seamlessly stitch together all functional units in the organization. Just like the role of a traditional Project Manager changes with the Agile practices, the role of PMO changes. This role could evolve to fit to the Agile practices.  In a matrix environment, we may need a champion or a group, who can stitch together all functional units in the organization, to maintain portfolio of projects, and to keep the innovation engine running in the entire organization.

The Agility Mind Inc will provide services, and the expertise that is needed in the transition to Agile practices to bring the real agility to PMOs. Some of the challenges that will be addressed through our services are the following:

  1. How can we maintain the strategic goals, and the objectives of the organization to deploy the policies, through the portfolio of programs and projects, efficiently and effectively? Our services will help address some of these challenges, where all employees will not only be aware of the strategic goals of the organization, but also could link their daily activities to organization main goals and objectives. Does every employee know the strategic goals of your organization, and can link their daily work to the strategic intents of your organization?
  2. What metrics would you like to maintain to create a positive environment in the teams, and in the organization? People usually fill into the metrics whatever that we define, so it is important to have the right metrics that will help to propel the real agility at all levels of the organization.
  3. How can you ensure that the standardization of the processes, and the daily continuous improvement actions can sync together? Our services will help to address this challenge.
  4. How can you churn out and develop skilled people?
  5. Even failed projects can also be your intellectual property, you might have learned something new that won’t work. How can you protect intellectual property from the failed projects? Our services will help to address this challenge, too.

All our services are 100% satisfaction guarantee. No longer term contract.