Two-Five day workshops for IT developing teams in transitioning to Agile Methodologies.

This service will provide customized training program and will address some of the following challenges:

  • How can you customize this training that can fit to your organization culture, goals and objectives?
  • How can you customize this training program for short term and long term needs?
    • People learn better and remember the knowledge transferred by actually doing the work. This training program will be customized with a combination of classroom and doing actual work in the project environment.
  • How can you teach people to ‘unlearn’ and ‘learn’ new things?
    • Difficult part of any human being is to ‘unlearn’ what they had already learned. This takes time. We will provide seeds needed to learn to ‘unlearn’ so that the mind can take new learning easily.

We provide customized training of popular Agile methodologies/frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP.