Half-day/One-Day workshop for Seniors Executives in IT organization. 

This workshop helps:

1.  in transfer of critical conceptual knowledge, principles, values needed to bring agility in the IT organizations. 

2.  in developing a road map needed in adapting agile and lean principles in your IT organizations. This workshop will 

3.  to avoid all fad management techniques that are currently going on this industry. 

4.  to bring in the real agility. 

This workshop is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Two to five day workshops for training and developing IT teams in transitioning to Agile methodologies. 

Services for Enterprise Level transformation of IT organizations to bring real agility.

 Consulting services for transforming your existing PMO offices

The Agility Mind services will bring in real agility in the product development and project management operations. The Agility Mind services will help to transform the PMO from traditional management models to Agile models. These services go beyond standard Agile models in developing a framework suitable to the organization. The services are not just sprinkling of well know Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc, but these services will go beyond the current frameworks to bring real agility. 

Consulting service for building ‘Autonomous Management Units’ within your organization. 

This service can be to any team that works together on daily basis, from CEO and his/her direct reports to any functional/cross-functional group from executive level to customer/client facing groups in your organization. Pleasevisit this pagefor more information, andcontact usto understand more about this program.